Wednesday, 31 July 2013

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~Hyper Japan July 2013~

Hello everyone I hope you're doing good.
Well I guess, first of all welcome to my new blog! I've been wanting to do a blogspot for a long time, and I did have one before, but this time...I will stick to it! I promise! I've had a huge woosh of inspiration and determination! So I'm writing this down so if I do fail to update it often I will look pretty silly and lazy that I didn't keep it up.
But maaan, it took me so long to set this up, I still don't know my way around blogger very well, and it took me forever to do the graphics and the layout. I don't have much experience in it, so when I get better, I'll change it. But for now, what do you think?
I plan to put on this blog lifestyle posts, fashion related things, reviews and general rambling and...thingies. I may even at some point set themes or a topic to follow for each day/week depending on how dedicated I become to this blog. I'm on the internet all the time, so there really isn't an excuse!


Hyper Japan!

As some of you may know, I've been going to this event for quite some time now, and it's seriously one of my favourite conventions to go to in the year! I think it's because it focuses more on the Japanese culture and Japanese fashion more than any other cons in the U.K. Also, it's a big event, but not over big like MCM can be sometimes. And of course, all my friends seem to go to this one too, which makes it even better!

I went on Saturday and Sunday and this time instead of being in Earls Court One, they put it in the larger hall in Earls Court Two. Personally, I think it is so much better! There's so much more space to walk around. The only downside was the lighting! It was so bad and yellow! So in advance, I apologise about the pictures! I tried my best to edit them.

So, are you ready for a picture overload!?

I stole these pictures from Abi haha. But we cosplayed Reese and Cyrus the Alpacas from Animal Crossing New Leaf on the Saturday! It was so warm, but so worth it! There was even an animal crossing section with a photo booth in it, although since we're only 5ft tall each we could hardly reach the camera! We chilled in that section a few times and played on our Nintendo's, I got so many street pases, and I even finished the street pass quest! Wohoo! We also entered the cosplay masquerade, and to be honest I think we should have won the award for goofiest pair...I mean, I even walked off the wrong side of the stage and had to run across like an idiot ;____;

I found this amazing van that was pink and all pimped out, so I had to have a picture in it...if I ever go on tour this is the one!

Hnnng, such a beautiful dress at the Lockshop Stall!

And, I love these rings from Lockshop too, I really am going to get one one day!

I loved these bows from Electric Sweet, they're beautifully hand made and she was actually making one when I visited the store.

Candy Geisha was probably one of my favourite stalls when I was there. I've seen their products online on facebook and they're store envy (you should check them out) and my photo's really don't do it justice. The products are so beautifully made and I really couldn't decide which one I liked best to buy. A lot of things are going straight onto my wishlist! My favourite collection was the deadly cute part, I think....I couldn't decide hahah!

There were sooooo many alpaca stores but LoveJojo's was the cutest! Look at them all so fluffy!! I reckon my room is going to be like this one day omg.
These custom sunglasses from Roxie Sweetheart were so cool too! I think I'm going to have to put these on my wishlist too! (I'm going to be so poor!)
I also really loved their little mascot doll. She looks so cool! And look at all the Pamyu things! (I'm a huge fan of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu...just in case you didn't know!)
This was my cord for the Sunday. I've never really tried Fairy Kei before, but I really enjoyed wearing it! I felt like a sparkly cupcake! What's great is that most of the things I'm wearing are from the U.K too.
From head to toe
Bow: Local Fancy Dress Store
Eyeball bows: Store from London Anime Con
Hoodie: Primark Kids
T-Shirt: Mens Section in Bank
Petticoat: It's actually layered, but the top lilac one is from Claires, and the ones underneath are just random ones I've gotten from ebay and fancy dress stores.
Pink Striped Socks: Ebay
Yellow and Pink Socks: Local Market
Leg Warmers: Claires
Creepers: Ebay

Also, thank you Estatic Arts for the picture!

On the Sunday I hung around with a lot of Oishii friends (Cherry, Scarlett, Charlotte), and we went shopping, did so much Karaoke and ate Katsu Curry (which was heaven!) The Wii U Karaoke even had Japanese and Anime songs! So good!

This is my friend Andy with one of the guys from Siro-A. Oh my gosh! These guys were amazing! They did a show which includes projections and visual arts. It was so different and enjoyable! The were also very crazy dancing around everywhere!

So, what did I actually get from Hyper Japan?

Ta daaaa! I got July's Kera magazine, some photos from the Animal Crossing booth (they were free yey!) a free Kyary badge, a free CD (I need to listen to this, and I'll let you guys know what it's like!) and......a wig! I am in LOVE. I really am obsessed with wigs, and as soon as I saw this I knew I really wanted it.I was hesitant at first to buy it, because it wasn't cheap at £28 but there was a girl trying it on at the Tofu Cute stall and it was the last one. I was thinking, "Please don't buy it!". Because it looks so beautiful on. And to my surprise she didn't buy it! I kept saying it was fate, so I bought it and I feel like a magical being wearing it.

I also tried out a new makeup style, without putting eyeliner on the top, I never thought I would do this, but I may have to wear it like this more often!

Ahhhh, it was so worth the money! I will do a proper cord and review on it once I've worn it a few times. Also sorry M (if you're reading this) for taking it in your room....hahah!

This weekend was really worth the travel down to London for, and it was so lovely meeting all my friends and all you guys who came up to me to say hi too! I really do apologise if I come across awkward...I just become a bit shy sometimes.

So, I hope you enjoyed my first blog post and I shall see you soon!

Kelsey! ~<3


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