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Kawaii Goods Review (That's Hopefully Kawaii and Good!)

Hello you, I hope you're good!

Today I have another super duper sparkly review for you from the independent store Kawaii Goods!

(Be prepared to have a bit of a boogie, there's some awesome tunes)

I believe all the accessories and art is designed and handmade by the owner, which makes all these products feel so much more special!

So let's start with the clothing!

(Click on the images to enlarge)

I got sent this really adorable pastel top in blue. The top isn't handmade, but the print is an original design to the store.
I usually don't go for this shape top unless it's really baggy, so I can wear it in a more boyish style, but the fitting of this top is really girly and I love how it sits on me. I got a size small (I'm a U.K size 6/8).
The design is screen printed on and I was a little worried it was going to fade really easily because the design is so pastel, but it's been washed in a 40 degrees cycle and the print is going strong!
It's also really comfy and soft, so I'm very happy with this top!

I also got sent soooo many accessories!

I'm overwhelmed by the amount,thank you so much!
I love it! I can never have too much pastel!

If you can see, I was also sent some stickers and some lollipops! 
The lollipops were eaten (not by me) before I could get a better picture, but apparently they were yummy!

It arrived in this package. It did look a lot neater, but I started opening it before I realised what it was...I get really excited when I get post!
It was a little worn and torn, but it did come all the way from the U.S to the U.K, and I think the postman was rough with it putting it in our postbox. 
It was securely taped and it got to me in quite a short time too!

This is how everything was packed, I was really excited when I saw this! It looks like a kawaii goody bag!

Look how cute the wrapping is!

So, let's get a closer look at the accessories:

You can't really see in this picture but the material is glittery! In fact, a lot of the products are glittery. I LOVE GLITTER.

It has a clasp hair clip glued to the back, and it's really on there, it doesn't feel like it's going to budge at all.
However, the material does feel quite flimsy and delicate, and it feels like the clumsy me could break it easily, so I'm going to have to be careful!

Next up is this bow!

It's purple, it's glittery and it's a bow, so yes I love it!
I really like all the little things on it, it makes it really unique.

It's a hair bow, but it also has a pin on the back, so you can attach it to clothing too! It's a very versatile piece.

It fits on the head (and on wigs) really nicely and securely. I filmed a dance in this (I will link to it at the end of this blogpost) and it didn't even budge. The only slight worry was, again, it feels pretty delicate and flimsy. The netting material is really thin and a little floppy, and you can see it's gone out of shape from dancing.

Now, these are some pretty adorable lens-less glasses!

The little moon and the rocking horse really makes them so quirky! The deco is really secured on, so I'm not worried about them falling off.

I love how the rocking horse falls, and the glasses are really vibrant and cute.

Now then, what's in this very nicely presented box?

A ring. A glittery ring. With a roller skate on it!
It feels very 80's!
Again, the picture doesn't really pick up the full glitterness of it. It's so pretty!
It fits me well too, I have pretty skinny Lord Voldermort fingers, so I usually have difficulty with rings, but this one is perfect.

It may be adjustable, but the metal was pretty stiff, so I didn't want to break it.
The only little thing is that the edges are a bit rough, so it might be uncomfortable to wear for a long time.

Now, I may not have gotten to eat the lollipops, but I did get this super adorable bear lollipop clip to wear!

A glittery bear wearing a pretty pastel bow in my hair is just what I needed!

"Don't want it in your hair? Don't be a sad bear! Put it on your tee, and smile with glee!"- A Poem By Me.


This is really well made, and is very secure. For some reason, blogger won't let me upload a picture, but on the back it has a really cute cotton heart and then the clips are glued on top of it.

Now, this fluffy moon is the best! It's so fuzzy and fluffy, I can't stop feeling it! I love the little details it has on it too. Again, very pastel, and it matches this top perfectly.

 It's also another two way accessory, you can wear it as a badge or in your hair.
Sorry about the focus, my camera couldn't focus right because of all the fluffiness.

Now this time, it's another bear, but this time he's fluffy and he's holding balloons!
I really like this piece, it's so different! I'm in love with the colour combinations.

It also has a really long string of white beads attached to it, so you can make truly unique looks.

You can take the beads off though if it doesn't match the look you're wanting to go for. It's attached with a hook and keyring. Again, it's a two way piece, and you can see the heart this time! I think it's a really nice touch.

Worn as a pin.
This accessory feels very secure, the balloons, the bear and the clips feel strongly glued, and it's really well made.

It looks so adorable as a hair clip! It's great for harajuku/fairy kei kind of styles!
I think this is one of my favourites!

Now, you may have seen this one in this video
It's a UFO ring! And it's a glittery UFO ring! And it's a purple UFO ring!
(purple's my favourite colour if you didn't know)
It's such a quirky design for a ring.

The UFO is pretty large, but it's really glued on there and it's not budging!
It is a little heavy and big on my fingers, and again I'm not sure if the ring is adjustable. The metal is stiff and I don't want to break it.

Next is this big pastel polka dot badge with angels on it.
I don't have many badges, and this is a perfect one to start a growing collection
The design is really pretty and it looks lovely pinned onto this shirt.

It had a regular badge fitting on the back and is very sturdy.

Next up is an earring that makes me feel like singing part of your world on a rock outside or something. It's beautifully made, and I love the sea shell detail and the thick bright pink chain. It only came as a one piece, but personally I don't think you need two.
It has a regular metal fixing at the top to put in your ear, but I noticed it doesn't have a back to it.
I got another earring from another shop without backs to it too! I don't know if it's just a U.K thing to have backs to your earrings, but it makes me pretty nervous not to have one to secure the earring, but thankfully I have loads of spares.

Now this is really something different! A unicorn hair clip!
I don't think I could feel anymore mystical if I tried.

This is super pretty. The lace detail and the colour combination of everything is perfect.
The only small thing is that the hair clip fitting was attached vertically instead of horizontally, so I was confused at first which way to put it in (I think I did right? The bow should be at the front?), it also made it a little fiddly to put in.
Apart from that, this is a super cute idea and it is really well made too!

Last but certainly not least is another favourite (they are all up there but this is so cool).
It's an earring with a pastel record in it! I love music and I love pastel, so it's such a pretty way to express that through fashion!

It's made like the seahorse earring, and again there is only one, but I don't think you need two. 
And again, no back provided *shuffles nervously*
What I do like is the purple rings, that's such a nice little detail.

It also came in this really cute (and glittery) tie bag! Some other products did too, but again, blogger is refusing to upload those pictures.

I also love how the bright orange lightning bold flashed through when you move, it's such a cool little thing!

Phew. I do believe that is everything!
I am incredibly happy with everything that was sent to me, and there are some really cute but quirky accessories here that I can't wait to cord in to other outfits!
I love the handmade feel to everything, which makes it feel much more unique and the colours on every product are so pretty!


The packaging matched the products, being super cute and adding that personal touch to the items.
Everything was also securely wrapped and I had no problems.



The owner is extremely lovely and helpful, and it arrived to me in no time too!



Apart from a few little rough edges and some of the items feeling a little flimsy, everything was beautifully made. Most of the items feel very strong and secure and I love the little details that have been put into everything. I can tell that time, love and dedication have been put into these products.


So Kawaii Goods gets a rating of

4 1/2 Alpacas!

Thank you so so much Kawaii Goods for the incredible products you sent me. I am still in awe over them, and I'm really excited to wear them more!

I also did a video wearing some of the products here:

Which item was your favourite?

Thank you for reading~

Kelsey <3

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