Thursday, 6 February 2014

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Ooo it's another Romwe review!

Helloo you, I hope you're good!

Ooo, so yesterday I got another package from Romwe
So, I thought I would do a review on the ultra cute clothes I received.

This is what I ordered (click on the products to go to them):

As usual, I ordered with free postage and it came in just over 3 weeks. It came safely packaged in a green postage bag and all the items were in secure Romwe bags. If you want to see how they arrive, check out this review

So, let's start with the "POW!" jumper~

This is what it looked like after I had taken it out of the package:
(click on the images to enlarge)

Very much like the stock image! I actually thought the middle section was white, but it's grey...I don't care though.

It feels exactly like I thought it would, it's very soft inside and is really thick, which is perfect for this weather! I was surprised by the "POW!" text, it's like a towel material and is really soft. The spots feel like they have been printed on though.  It comes in one size, and it fits me fine. (I'm a U.K size 6/8)

It's really good quality and I have nothing negative to say for this product. It's a a super warm, cute jumper for winter and I'm really happy with it! It's perfect for harajuku/street style looks too!

Next up is the Love Heart skirt!~

Again, it looks almost the same as the product picture. I was surprised by this material too. It's polyester, but it feels really soft and stretchy. 

It has a "hidden" zip on the side, and unlike most zips in this design, it's not stiff at all and is really easy to fasten.

Maybe because I'm a hobbit, but it's longer than I expected, and is a little big on the waist despite me ordering an S. Which is strange since Romwe's size S usually fits me perfectly. I have to wear it quite high up on the waist, and it doesn't really have much shape to it.

The print is really vibrant though, which I love! It's not screen printed, it's part of the material, so there are no worries that it's going to fade in the wash.

It's a super duper cute skirt, and I can probably cord it with a lot of things, so apart from the sizing I'm very happy with it!

Next up is the black and white dress!~

So this is what it looks like out of the package. It does look a little different to the stock image. If you notice in the stock image it looks a little tailored at the wast, where as here there is no shape. (This is a problem later on too).

As you can see I ordered a size S and it has this label in it.

I had to put on a belt to give the dress more shape (and please excuse the creases, I put it on straight from the pack). It's made of the same material as the skirt and is stretchy too. There are no zips, you just slip it over your head. Because of this, it's super comfy and soft.

It's really stylish and you can use it for casual things, and maybe even more formal things (but you have a funky edge ooo). The length is really nice and it's a really versatile dress.

However, without the belt, I'm really disappointed. It has no shape to it at all, and it flows out at the back and at the front, almost like a maternity dress or something and makes me look bigger than I am! The only way I can explain it is...tent like >.<

The last item is this amazing hat!~

It looks exactly like the stock image and is really well made. Again, the material surprised me, it's really soft...but it's that material where hairs and fluff get's stuck to it. The pom pom is stitched on securely, so I'm not worried about it falling off. and the "NON" logo is stitched on. 

It also has this stitched on the back and it has lots of room for adjustments (which is great for a pea head like me!)

I think this is my favourite item out of the bunch! It's so stylish and cute! And I love snapbacks so much. I am really happy with this hat and I have nothing to say against it!

Overall I'm really happy with my items again! They are really cute and I'm going to wear them so much!
I'm going to give this Romwe package 4 out of 5 Alpacas!

 The only reason I am giving it a 4 alpaca rating instead of a 5 is because of the shape the black dress and the skirt is. I could have given it a 3.5 but I seriously love the hat and the jumper, and the print on the skirt is amazing!

If you want to see all the products I have from Romwe, check out this gallery~

Also, I thought I should mention, that if you don't know, the prize for this February's Dancer Of The Month is $20 to spend at Romwe, so if you are a Jpop/Kpop dancer, you should check out the DOTW tab at the top of my page!

Thank you so much Romwe for these items, I am really happy with them!

And thanks to you guys for reading~

Kelsey <3 <3


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