Sunday, 2 February 2014

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Dancer Of The Week~ Week 1 February

Hello you, I hope you're good!

I'm not feeling too good today, so I'm sorry if this blog post doesn't make much sense haha!

So it's time to start dancer of the week again!Wohoo!

If you don't know what it is you can see the first post here

Before we start there's a few things I need to mention.
I can't seem to get in contact with the winner of dancer of the month, friskie, so if anyone knows her, will you let her know she won! I will still try and get in contact though too.

Also, I've been a bit of a nicompoop. On one of the weeks, I forgot to check my comments on the blog page so I missed a load of nominations! That's what you get for writing blog posts on a Sunday when I've been working until 5am in the morning >.< But I've learnt my lesson!

So, I've decided to have two winners for each section this week and 7 special mentions to make up for it!

Actually, I lie.

There's been a huuuuge abundance of JPOP dancers being nominated, but for this week, only one Kpop dancer was nominated! Kpopers?? Where you at??
But do not fret, the person who was nominated was incredible, and I really enjoyed watching the video...

So I guess I best announce who that is!

This week's KPOP Winner is:

Karl Baclea-an!

Like I said, this was so entertaining to watch, the dancing was on point and I also loved the emotion in it! You really do deserve to win!
Please go and congratulate him~

This week's JPOP winner's are:


This was just such a beautiful cover! It was beautifully danced, beautifully shot in a beautiful location! I loved her energy in this and I really enjoyed watching this. I had no problem watching it the whole way through!
Please go and support her she really deserves it!



You may have seen her in the special mentions before! I love the energy and passion that she puts into this dance so much! She danced it perfectly and her facial expressions are so cute too! It was a truly enjoyable cover to watch, and in fact all of her covers are, she's a very consistent dancer.
Please go and support her and congratulate her~

Special Mentions!

(I love the creativity in this cover!)




Miyu Nanami

Kirhia Hikari


So that's it for this week!
I know I say this a lot, but if you are not a winner and you were nominated or even a special mention, please don't be disheartened. It goes to show with Karochu, she has been nominated multiple times and has been a special mention before, and she won this time! She's a wonderful dancer and so is every single person that is entered! Any of you could easily win or become a special mention, and again some of the special mentions this week were so close to winning, so please keep entering!

Here's a reminder of the rules and how to enter:

Ways to Enter
~You can either nominate yourself or a friend!
~Comment on the latest Dancer Of The Week blog post
~Write the nomination on my Facebook like page wall here:
(NOT as a personal message or a comment on one of my posts)
Or if you would like your nomination to not be as public you can
~Send an email to with the subject "Dancer Of The Week Nomination"
You also have the option of letting me know that if you nominated someone else, whether or not you would like the person you nominated to know that you nominated them if they end up on the blog post.

I won't accept entries through personal messages on my facebook like page, my personal facebook pages, twitter, youtube, tumblr, askfm, instagram or any other social media I've missed; simply because there is a high chance I will miss them.
~ It has to be a Kpop/Jpop dance
~You can only enter or nominate the same person once a week, so you can still nominate as many people as you like.
~You can enter again after the week is up if you're not a winner, that includes special mentions!

More rules will probably be added because people are cheeky monkeys haha.

The winners and special mentions will be announced every Sunday.

Also, the prize for February's Dancer Of The Month is
$20 to spend at Romwe!

Oh also, sneaky self's my latest cover!

I've really enjoyed watching everyone's entries and I'm excited for next week!
I hope you've all had a great weekend and thank you so much for reading~

Kelsey <3 


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