Tuesday, 6 August 2013

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Oishii Project Graduation

Hello you, I hope you're good! 

So, as some of you may know already, I have made the big decision to graduate from Oishii Ichigo and Oishii Project.
If you don't know what Oishii Project is, you can see more about it here

This was my graduation video

I feel like there is so much more to say, so I'm going to try and say it in this blog post. Although, to be honest, I've not always been good at trying to put things across in speaking or writing, I'm generally just a person with a lot of feelings and I don't know how to put them across!...hahaha.

First off, I am so sooo happy that I auditioned to be a part of this amazing project. The people who are involved are all so passionate, energetic, and just all in all genuine people! I love being around people who make me happy, and the people in Oishii Project did just that.

Even though I've only met the U.K members of Ichigo, I feel like we are all a very close knit unit in Ichigo, and I really enjoy talking to each and everyone of you. I really am sad that I had to leave before we all got to perform together. I know it will happen one day because all the hard work that goes into the project will pull through, and behind the scenes, well I just know...it's possible! If that day does come, I will try my best to join you guys and be the biggest wota ever! I am watching you...always watching you...

I really am going to miss the crazy meetings we had. I don't know if the girls in Ichigo knew this, but in London sometimes I got very lonely, especially when my housemate left, and you were really the only people that kept me sane, and I looked forward to talking to you all so much!

I have had so much fun performing with Scarlett and Cherry at conventions and I will really miss doing them and our crazy rehearsals. I'll never forget the Leicester rehearsals in the hotel rooms and having to keep going for a pee because I was laughing too much!!

Me at the Leicester Space Center performance.

Performing at Hyper Japan with Cherry and Scarlett.

A picture I edited when I was bored...yeah

PURIKURAAAAAA! (After the Sun photoshoot, such a fun day!)

In fact all the photoshoots I did with you were so much fun!

^ We're the Kawaii Beatles...

It kind of makes me upset that my last performance of Ainano was at London Anime Con on my own. On stage I got the thought that I'll never do it again as an Oishii member and that you girls should have been there! I found it really hard to hold back tears! ;A;
However, seeing you both at Hyper Japan made me sure that we're still going to keep in touch no matter if I'm in the project or not, and it was so much fun doing karaoke and going shopping. Cherry's mum had made us homemade bags, and again, I started crying because I was emotional...I'm sorry! I love the bag though, and I can show my Oishii pride wherever I go!

It's even purple! Yey! Purple power!!

Of course I'm going to miss all the other crazy girls in Ichigo too!

Cherry: I know we will probably see each other at conventions again, but I really am going to miss performing with you, you're so energetic and uplifting, and I love how passionate about the industry you are. I love our long travelling chats!

Scarlett: I knew you before Oishii but I am so happy that we were both a part of it together, because I feel it brought us closer. You are the sweetest person I have ever met, and I love your sense of humor! Also (give me your clothes plz)

Popku: I really am going to miss your energy and randomness, every time I hear afro circus I'll remember that conversation!

Jenny: You are such a warm genuine person, and also incredibly talented. Them singing skillz.I love your goofiness and I feel we're on the same wavelength! I also love that you're willing to give everything a go! Don't lose that ^^

Chii: You are so talented and I love your quirkiness. You're such a hard worker and you always seem to have things in first haha! I really look up to you!

Micchi: Can I have your dance skills please? You're such a lovely warm person, and blossom wants to meet your alpaca too. Even though you joined Ichigo later, I feel you are a huge chunk of the group and I couldn't imagine Ichigo without you now!

Yumi: Again you're such a talented person...dang it you're all so talented! Your singing makes me melt honestly hahah. Also, like Micchi you are a huge part of Oishii Project and Ichigo now, and I couldn't imagine the project without you, you're such a hardworking, beautiful person, and I really look up to you!

Nyanko: You're the cutest and most bubbliest person I have ever met! I just want to pinch your cheeks all the time! You really shine on camera and you're just a great performer.

Also, to Beckii, Cam, Berry,Sango,Jeena and every member of staff:
Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication you've put into me and all the girls in Oishii Project. Without you, there would be chaos and you've always made me enjoy being in the project and keeping me inspired. Keep up the amazing work you are doing and I really do believe in you all!

I really do believe in the project, and although I have seen around online, and even in real life (while I've been stood there fhisdufyiu) that there are doubts about this project. Well, from being a part of this project I can say from the bottom of my heart I have no doubts at all. You are all doing everything right and this project can only grow and develop into something even better. I honestly can't wait to see where it goes, and I will always be the biggest wota ever, when the time comes! 

Also, my room has some special Oishii things in it, every time I see these it reminds me of O!P and makes me happy!

The full member poster! I have signatures from Cherry, Scarlett and Beckii.
I will collect them all!

The poster from the first concert I did with Cherry and Scarlett at MCM expo.
(The minion really wanted to be in the picture...)

I am sorry that it seems sudden and there is an unclear reason for my graduation, but I promise you the reason will be explained later on. I have actually being making this decision for a long time now. I can't tell you the exact reason why, but it is exciting and probably a once in a lifetime opportunity, so I'm excited for this new chapter in my life. But again, thank you soo much Oishii Project for letting me be a part of this wonderful group, I have learnt so many things and made so many good friends
Thank you! 

Puuuurple Power!<3 <3


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