Sunday, 5 January 2014

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~Dancer Of The Week! ~ | January Week 1

Hello you, I hope you're good!

So, today is Sunday, not only the end of the week, not only Sherlock day and not only onesie day. It's also Dancer Of the Week day!

How good was Sherlock tonight though?

Anyway, some of you might be wondering what Dancer Of The Week is, or what I like to shorten to D.O.T.W.

It was actually a little competition I used to do on my youtube channel about 3 years back now where I would ask for nominations from the public for Jpop and Kpop dancers throughout the week and I would choose a winner and some special mentions at the end of the week. I really enjoyed doing it because I found a lot of talented Jpop and Kpop dancers around the world, and that's how I made a lot of my friends online. It also felt like we were a little community and we were all cheering each other on! And it helped a lot of people get more noticed too!
Look here's a little picture of me in action!

Then lack of time and copyright strikes got in the way.


I've decided to bring it back! 
I can't do it on youtube like I used to because of copyright reasons, and also the fact that it takes a lot more time to film and edit a video, so I thought I would bring it back blog style!

So, before I get onto the good stuff, here are all the details of the competition and how it's going to work:

Since this is the first week of the contest, I kind of nominated the winners and special mentions myself, just to get the ball rolling! But usually what will happen is that you will send in nominations of either yourself or a friend to me. Then myself, (and sometimes along with some friends who are not in the Jpop/Kpop community) will choose 2 winners and 4 or 5 special mentions! One winner will be a Jpop dance and the other will be a Kpop dance. Please don't be shy to nominate yourself either, this is all about getting yourself out there, and I want to see talented dancers!
To nominate, you can either:

~Comment on the latest Dancer Of The Week blog post
~Write the nomination on my Facebook like page wall here:
Or if you would like your nomination to not be as public you can
~Send an email to with the subject "Dancer Of The Week Nomination"
You also have the option of letting me know that if you nominated someone else, whether or not you would like the person you nominated to know that you nominated them if they end up on the blog post.

I won't accept entries through personal messages on my facebook like page, my personal facebook pages, twitter, youtube, tumblr, askfm, instagram or any other social media I've missed; simply because there is a high chance I will miss them.

~ It has to be a Kpop/Jpop dance
~You can only enter or nominate the same person once a week, so you can still nominate as many people as you like.
~You can enter again after the week is up if you're not a winner, that includes special mentions!

More rules will probably be added because people are cheeky monkeys haha.

The winners and special mentions will be announced every Sunday.

Then, the last week of the month will be the ULTIMATE! There will be one Dancer of the Month winner, and this is decided by you. All the winners of the previous weeks will be in a poll and it's up to you to vote for who you think should win for the whole month. The poll will start on the second to last month's blog post and will go on for one week.
The winner of Dancer Of The Month will also get some prizes too, which will be personally sent from me!
This month will include a 
Kimmidoll Collection 2014 Calendar

It also comes with some cute little stickers!
I'm also going to collect a few little cute bibs and bobs this month to throw in too!
In the future, I'm also going to try and maybe get some cool sponsors to help me out...any sponsors out there? hahaha.

So now on to the stars of the show!

The KPOP winner for this week's D.O.T.W is...

Amy L-K: Wassup- NOM NOM NOM

Not only did Amy and Anya take time out of their holiday to film a dance, they did it with so much energy and passion! It truly looks like they are having fun and it really made me smile. They did the dance perfectly, but the also added a really fun vibe to it and I easily watched it the whole way through! Well done you guys, and please go and congratulate them!

The JPOP winner for this week's D.O.T.W is...

Mika Teyuta's: Luka Lily Megu Fever

The power of two seems to be winning over today haha. Again, they both danced this perfectly, but they looked like they were having so much fun! They were so in sync with each other too, and I really enjoyed watching it!
Please go and congratulate them!

Special Mentions
All of these people got special mentions this week because they were fab too!

ToXICS Official: Rum Pum Pum

2Cotton4: Gravity=Reality

NitsuGatcha: Trouble Maker
I'm seeing this song everywhere at the minute!

TeyaBerri: What is LOVE?

And last but certainly not least,

Donna: Let's Make up- Jay Park

All of these dancers are so talented, so a huge congratulations to you all! If you're reading this, please if you have the time, check out their youtube's and maybe even subscribe if you enjoyed them!

I'm really excited to start this again, and I'm looking forward to seeing all the entries!
If you have any questions about the contest, feel free to comment below.

Since everyone has their dancing shoes on, I'll leave you with my latest dance cover, in case you missed it:

I do believe that's everything! 
Thank you for reading
Kelsey ~<3


  1. Sherlock was awesome it feels so good to have it back...only to realize its got one episode left and then the waiting game again >.<
    Wow this is pretty awesome to see this is back! I like the idea of being able to see new faces and congrats to all the noms.

  2. Wow thank you so much for the weekly win! ^^ I had no idea about this ontest, or that we had won until Catherine (Nitsugatcha) told me! :D <3

  3. This is an AWESOME idea! I have SO many dancers I want to nominate! I guess I'm going to start with these three (it was actually really hard to NOT nominate everyone immediately.)

    Because she just makes perfect videos and deserves more attention!

    Miyu and Anna are both great dancers, cute girls and nice personalities. So combining them means very radiant videos!

    Well she's already popular but... she needs to win at some point anyway. xD

    Also these three are personally very important to me. So that's why out of all the GREAT dancers I picked them this week.
    Oh but it was really a hard decision.

  4. Posting this here because I feel it at least deserves to be seen - and not just because I helped film/edit it:

    Chiyo & Jyuke - Pink Stick Luv

  5. ❤ Gravity=Realityを踊ってみた - Gravity=Reality Dance Cover ❤