Thursday, 15 August 2013

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I'm a Primark Monster!

Well hello you, I hope you're good!

The past few days have been really fun, so I thought I'd share some of it with you!

On Saturday it was my sister's birthday, so we had a party at our house. Me and Abbi (my sister) used to go to the same theatre school, so we share some of the same friends, so I got to see them again, which was really nice!

My mum thought it would be cool to have pie and peas, and hotdogs instead of a full BBQ, so we had that instead! Mmmmm yummy (I don't like pie and peas though, so I had a hotdog).

I didn't take many pictures that day, but I did post a mini vine!


It took me forever to figure out how to embed this thing, so if it's not working, I'm KimonoTime on vine too.

I also got a picture of Abbi's cake!

Our whole family loves Disney, and her favourite is Snow White. Disney is not just for kids!!
Ahhh it's so pretty! We really don't want to eat it.
My Mum's friend made the cake, and there was an actual Barbie inside. However, she tried to dye the Barbies hair black and the hair dye got on her face, so she looks a little...purple. Oops.

I also took a sneaky picture of what I wore in my room.

I was feeling a little 80's that day!

A few days after that, my Mum wanted to take us shopping! It was a nice surprise because we hardly ever do that, and she said she would buy me something too! We had a browse around Meadowhall (shopping center near me) and looked in a lot of clothes shops...but of course the place where we ended up buying everything was..Primark!

Of course, what else would it be!

I had just been paid from work, so I wanted to buy a few little things, but I kind of ended up with a new mini wardrobe..oops. I think I need Primark Annonymous or something.
This is what I bought.

I'm really loving sporty clothes and baggy clothes at the moment because I do a lot of dancing, so I feel cool when I'm dancing!
And, I seem to be having a theme of red and blue in this spree...but I just think these colours look so vibrant and sporty together, I love it! This top is really airy and soft, and it has loads of holes so I don't get too warm when I'm dancing...yey!
This was £6.00

I've been after a coloured skater skirt for sooo long! And I thought it really matched the top I bought, and I'm pretty sure it will go with many things I have too. It's made out of a sort of Lycra material and it's so fun to swish! It reminds me of when I was at dancing school in Ballet!
This was £10.

There are so much plaid things and tartan in Primark right now...I think I feel a trend coming back! I really think this is going to be warm in the winter and will be really good to layer things with. The best thing is, it was only £4.00!

SOCKS! Sorry, that was a little loud. I just love cool socks. And again they go with the sporty themes, and these socks look really good with my dance outfits. Plus they are really warm and soft!
They were £2.00 each.

Again, I've been after a backpack like this for so long! Denim goes with so much, so this bag will get a lot of use.
This was £6.00
Then, my Mum spotted some things that she thought I would really like! (she knows me too well...)


Thank you soo sooo much Mum! It was such a lovely surprise my Mum is too lovely, I just can't. I <3 my Mum!

My Mum and Abbi also wanted to go see Monsters University, and although I've already seen it, I didn't mind going again! I love it so much. Monsters Inc. was the first DVD we ever got, and I'm a bit of a Disney enthusiast, it's a little childish, but I don't care.
Which reminds me! I also got a Mike top from!
My friend Abi got me it. 
Thank you so much Abi! You are way too kind, I am obsessed with this top!

It's so bright and comfy to wear!
Which ALSO reminds me, I got a Mike onsie from the Primark kids section a while back!

Ok I'm going to stop with the M.U things now, it's a little weird.


I decided to cut my hair into a hime style before we went to see it , I'm still getting used to it, but I think I like it! I also wore my Mike top too ^^

Ok now this is just getting ridiculous, and I have no idea where this blog post is going... Let's just talk about M.U? Actually let's make it into a M.U appreciation blog!


Anyway, after we saw the film, we finished the day with Chicken Katsu from Wagamama's.

This is my all time favourite meal! It's just so tasty!

 Also, yesterday, I went to the Barnsley town museum with my Mum and co (having a bit of family time this week, it's been really nice!). It was actually really interesting, and has made me appreciate Barnsley a bit more. I didn't know if we were allowed to take pictures, so I didn't. It had some pretty cool things in there though from Roman Coins they found when digging up for new houses to call sheets from Kes (the film, it was filmed here), and photos of our town then and now.
It gave me chance to wear some new clothes though, yey!

That's me doing a yey I'm excited for the museum pose...

These sunglasses are my favourite!

Oh hi my clone!
I actually feel this cord was a little Ayumi Seto inspired~

Also, here's just another random cord, I was wearing the other day. 

I'm having a bit too much fun with this new mirror app! It's called mirrorgram.

Well, I think that's all I have left to say today! This week has been so nice, I've got to see my friends and had some family time too! I hope you've had a good week too ^^

Thanks for reading~
Kelsey <3




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