Friday, 21 March 2014

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Choies Review! ~no.3

Hello you, I hope you're good!

So today we have another fabulous sponsored review, from one of my favourite stylish stores, choies!

Ooooo feeling coool in my new jumper!

So let's get to the review~

First up is this super comfy but really stylish two piece:
(click on images to enlarge)

You can get this here

I only got these clothes last week, but I've worn this so many times already! I'd been after this two peice for a while, so I'm so happy I've got it! Here it is hung up with no colour editing.
(I'm sorry about the creases in some of the clothes, I took them straight after I got them)

I love the pattern so much, it's really eye catching, but still somehow quite casual.

It's so comfy and soft to wear, it only comes in one size but I like how it fits me! It's quite baggy, but the shorts are elasticated and you can fasten them with the drawstrings. I'm a U.K size 6/8.

I've also washed it and the print hasn't faded at all (it's screen printed I believe).
I'm really happy with this item ^^

If you noticed the batman hat, I got that too!

You can get it here

I love my snapbacks!

It's really well made and it's even more vibrant in real life, the yellow stands out loads!
It's also got lots of adjustable options for pea heads like me >.<

I really like the batman print underneath too, that was a nice surprise~

Next up is this necklace!

You can get this from here

I love Disney, and Pixar, so even though the caption is a bit cheesy, I just had to get this!
It feels like it's wooden with the logo painted. The beads are really thick and the neckalce is really long too, it goes past my belly button haha! There's no adjustments, but there is a fastening at the top.
I love how vibrant it is, and it adds lot's of colour to my outfits!

Keeping with the Disney theme, I also got this crop jumper!

You can get this from here

It's a Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs! 
I love the colours in this jumper, and it's also super soft! On the outside it feels like a velvet print, which was surprising, but it's very comfy.

It's supposed to be a cropped jumper, and again it only comes in one size. I'm a bit of a hobbit though, so it kind of just fits me as a normal jumper. I don't mind though~

Snow White and the 7+ Alpacas! >.<

Annnnd still keeping with the Disney Theme (I like Disney a lot if you can't tell)
is this shirt

You can get it here

It's a super cute striped shirt with a mickey mouse stitching and some other patches stitched on too

The thing I did notice was that some of the stitching had come loose.

But the back of this, really makes the shirt!

This print is soooo vibrant, I love it! It's screen printed on, so I'm not sure how it will wash, but it's really thick, so i feel quite secure.

Again, this is one size, so it is a little big on me, but I can tuck in skirts and roll the sleeves up or I can wear it open, so I don't mind ^^

It feels a little stiff to wear because of the print on the back, but it's not uncomfortable. It's really eye catching and stylish, I feel like I can cord this with a lot!

Next up is not Disney...

It's something pretty different to what I usually wear,


You can get them here

They are so vibrant and stylish~

They're made of stretchy cotton/lycra and are elasticated at the waist.

You can't really see, but there are pretty see through when you wear them though. I wore them for a dance class, and regretted it when we had to stretch LOL!!

They are probably best to wear with long tops, and again, they are one size, but they fit me perfectly!

Last, but certainly not least is this burger shirt!

You can get it here

It came a bit creased, I'm sorry, but look! Burgers and hot dogs!

 I love this little patch on the front pocket ^^

One thing I did notice though, that in a lot of areas the print had rubbed off onto the shirt, and I can't get it off :/  It's not noticeable unless you really look, but there are quite a lot of marks.

But...I'm loving it anyway!

I love how smart it looks, but it's still fun!

Sorry...just been goofy

It's in one size again, but this fits me pretty well! It's made of polyester I believe, but again, it's comfortable to wear. The print on it is screen printed, which is why I think it marked parts of the shirt in production or something.

Everything came safely and wrapped and arrived with UPS. If you've seen my other choies reviews, you'll see how all the clothes come in handy little plastic bags too!
This package did take longer than usual, but I think it's because some things were not in stock, I was made aware of this though, so I was expecting that. I think it took over just a month to come with free packaging.

I am really happy with my choices and the quality of all the clothes!
The only reason I'm giving four this time is because of the marks on the burger shirt, and some of the loose stitching on the patchworks.

Yey 4/5 Alpacas!

It's still an awesome rating, and I am really excited to wear these clothes more!

Thank you soo soo much Choies for sponsoring me again!

I also did a video featuring most of the clothes here
(I couldn't really fit the Snow white jumper or the toy story neckalce into the theme)

I hope you enjoyed it and thanks for reading!

Kelsey~ <3


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