Wednesday, 5 March 2014

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Juizy Woozy!

Hello you, I hope you're good!

So today we have a really cute review for a brand called Juizy Woozy!

First cool is that name?? It's so much fun to say!

Juizy Woozy is already pretty popular in Asia, which has exploded onto the scene because of it's vibrant and colourful, casual clothing. They have their own original adorable characters and you can get them on clothing, bags and shoes! But there is some great news! The lines are going to be sold in the U.K at KeepItSecret. At the moment, this will be the only U.K retailer, although it might change in the future. There isn't currently a launch date in the U.K, but it's going to be the first part of this that's really exciting!

I was really lucky to be sent a product to review and gosh darn it, it's the cutest thing ever!





It's in the most adorable milk carton, with the product tucked neatly inside. I really love the artwork on it and it will also look really cute in my room too, so it's a bonus!

So let's see what I got!

I got a long sleeved T-shirt with the adorable girl character on!

This is the back design:

The print is soooo colourful and cute and I'm in love with the design!
Also, the material is really soft and comfy,and the print is really thick ( feels like it's screen printed). It feels like it's going to be pretty safe to use in the wash with the right settings.
Also, I love how it goes to a point at the front! I've never had anything like that and I really like that design.

It fits me great and I'm a U.K size 6.
Which reminds me, I should mention about the sizing since it's not like general U.K sizing.

0.1- Extra Small (UK size 6...which is the one I have!)
0.2- Small (UK size 8)
0.3- Medium (UK size 10)
0.4-Large (UK size 12)

I am soo happy with this product and I can't wait for it to be launched in the U.K! 
It really is right up my street and I personally cannot find any faults, so this gets a super duper
5/5 alpacas!

I'm in love with the designs, and when I was checking out the facebook page, I found some others that I really love!

UGH *dies from cuteness*

Also, I did a video review of this too which has a few more details!

Oooo also, you might be able to spot the milk carton in my new video too!

Thank you so much Juizy Woozy and Keep It Secret for letting me review this amazing product and make sure you check out both their pages to find out when/where you can get them ect!

Thanks for reading~



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