Sunday, 2 March 2014

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Dancer Of The Week Announcement

Hello you, I hope you're good!

So, it's March and it's another month, which would mean a new Dancer Of The Week. 

However, I've been thinking about this for the past few days and I think I need to take a break from DOTW. It's not the fact that I don't enjoy doing it, or that I don't enjoy watching everyone who takes part, it's the fact that I don't think I have enough time or energy to fully dedicate to it properly at the moment.
As some of you know, I work in a bar, and of course that means weekends, so on Sunday's after working until 4am in the morning, I just...crash! I usually just want to sleep the whole day and chill out, but I can't because I have this and many other things that I usually have to do. Sometimes, I just take too many things on and I don't really get time to rest haha!

I thought about changing the announcement day to another day, but I'm also pretty busy during the week too and I can't guarantee that it could be the same day every week since my work life is very unpredictable! 
This doesn't mean that I'm going to never come back to it, because I really do believe in giving hard working and talented youtubers/dancers the recognition they deserve! Just right now, it's not a good time.
I am really sorry about this! I do feel terrible! ;A; ;A;
*hides behinds alpacas*

But..I thought that even though I'm not doing dotw, I could still give a shout out to dancers every now and again! Instead of it being a weekly contest, if I see someone and I love their cover, I'll post it on my facebook page, or at the end of my latest blog post!
And also, feel free to carry on posting your dance covers, or your friends dance covers on my facebook page! In the comment section, not the personal messages, because I don't really read them >.<  I will watch them, and if I really like it, I'll post it! So then, you're videos are still getting out there in some way :)

Also, I'd just like to say thank you so much to everyone who has entered this week and the weeks previous! I really have enjoyed watching everyone, and I've personally found some new, talented dancers out there, that I didn't know of before. It's also made me really happy doing this, because not once has there been any jealousy or drama about it, everyone has been incredibly supportive of each other, and it just shows that you are all wonderful people! 

I've made a playlist of everyone who entered/was entered this week, so everyone can watch you all!

I hope you can understand why I have to take a break! And again I'm really sorry! But thank you soo much to everyone who's supported dotw!
Thanks for reading!
Kelsey <3


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