Thursday, 29 August 2013

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✿My very floral vintage day✿

Hello you, I hope you're doing good!

So yesterday, I had a pretty floral day...

I'm a little addicted to photo editing apps at the moment. I used the sweet filter on camera 360, the sweety filter on photowonder, then a new app called studio for the frame and then Papelook for the flower stamps! But the floral doesn't stop there...oh no!...

One of the best things I liked about living in London was that I could go down a different street and find the most coolest places and shops! And they're vintage stores were always top notch too, so when I moved back to Barnsley, I kind of missed being able to do that because I kind of know it inside out.


I was wrong!

I've been walking past this shop for so long and I've never actually gone in, but yesterday I saw a really cute window display so I was shocked to find the most amazing, and adorable vintage shop! 

There's sooooo many clothes! And so much old furniture too. Some is pretty expensive, but a lot of it is really affordable too. I really loved this display~

Again...very floral, it must be the weather. But, I could actually live there in that corner, I would be very happy indeed!

So, of course I found some fantastic bargains, and I really couldn't help myself, I had to buy some here's what I bought!

I could not believe it when I saw these jelly sandals! I've been after some of these for so long, but I couldn't really afford to buy them online. However these were £3.50, which is amazing! They are glittery too, but you can't really see that on the picture.

If you read my last blogpost, you know I've been after an over sized denim jacket for a while too, well I found this for £4, so happy! 

Then I got some rings and a floral (again!?) hair clip. And a lace top too.

This is an outfit put together with the lace top. Pretty much all white...which is really strange for me...I'll probably be back to colourful craziness again next week!  But I wanted to try out a new style. I like mixing things up a little! I've also been messing around with editing techniques too,

I was inspired by Kera magazine when I edited this.

I'm really happy I found that shop! If you live in Barnsley and you're reading this, it's worth a looking! I spent almost an hour and a half in there. I actually can't remember the name of the shop but it's in the town center, opposite Iceland and next to Quasimodo's...haha!

I got a right bargain there I think!...

Speaking about bargains, my new fav online store Romwe (where I got my Mike Wazowski top from) is having a flash sale with everything at $19.99! I believe it's only lasting 48 hours, but there's some really nice things in the sale and I think some of you may like them!

They deliver to many countries too, including the U.K.

But for now, I have to start saving a little because I have decided to save up to go to Japan next year!
I already have almost enough saved for plane tickets!
I am so determined and excited about this, I can't wait as I've been planning to do this for so long, and now I have a job I've been able to start saving!

I hope you enjoyed reading. I'm thinking of doing some posts that are not purley style related, maybe tutorials, reviews and other random bits and bobs, so if there is anything you want to read from me, just let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading!



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