Friday, 27 September 2013

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Hello you ,I hope you're good!
Look, I made a flower crown! I feel so magical

Sparkle sparkle~

It's been a while since I've blogged, I'm really sorry, I've been sorting a lot of things out in my life, some pretty big and possibly exciting stuff! So hopefully you will know about it soon! But for now I like to be all dark and mysterious like those anime characters or something. 


While I've been away from blogging, I am proud to announce that I got sponsored by Romwe!
I've had my eye on the store for a while, and a lot of things on my wishlist are from here, so I'm over the moon to be affiliated with such an awesome store! I also got the Mike Wazowski top from Romwe! (You can see the blogpost about that here.) I do believe they post worldwide, so that's a bonus.
They have also let me host a giveaway on my facebook page for these amazing tights!

There's only 3 days left, so click here to join in the giveaway!

So, today after eagerly waiting at the letterbox for what feels like forever, I got it a package from them this morning!

 It wasn't actually that long, (just under a month) to say it came from the U.S, but yeah I get too giddy over things like christmas. I also fell down the stairs in a onesie and broke my middle toe running for the post man in excitement the other day, to find it was a package for my mum. Great!
It's not just me that gets overly excited over mail, right?

Anyway, the breaking of the toe was worth it!...I think hahaha.

These are the items that I chose:

The link to the jumper/sweater 

Winter is coming...especially in the north (of england), so I'm in need of some funky jumpers, and this is just what I was looking for!

Did you see what I did there?

Maybe not...

Moving on, I also got these tights, I love funky tights and it makes me feel like a cool rebel when people actually think I have tattoos.

Yeah so funky woo 
You can get them here

So, as I said, they came this morning! This is how they were packaged:

Greeeeeen! It was sellotaped well too and it felt very secure. 

The tights! They were held with cardboard and looked like they were snug and safe.

Hnnnnng. This was packed with some cardboard supporting it too, to keep its shape I suppose, which it did. It was hardly creased at all! I also like the packaging for this, it's like those lunch bag things?...

Now the jumper unwrapped!

I am in LOVE with this jumper! It is baby pink like the stock photo, the lighting in my room is not really good. The "LAME" print is really bright too, and feels like its been screened on. The print is really thick, so hopefully after it's been washed it will still be as bright... it feels like it will be anyway! (fingers crossed) 
It's really soft inside, but I actually thought it was going to be a bit thicker than it is. 
A shot inside the jumper:

I don't really mind though, it's still pretty warm and it will be good for colder summer nights and I can layer it when it gets even colder. Also, it's only available in one size. I'm a hobbit, so the arms are a little long and it goes past my bum....but that's what I wanted! It makes it more cosy. I reckon it would fit a U.K size 6-12...maybe 14.

So...the tights:

Chill ya beans I'm wearing shorts.

The quality is really good. They are not too thin or thick, as you can see, you can still see my scar through them, but it does do minor coverage and makes my legs look really smooth. The print is pretty vibrant too, and it seems like it's actually dyed into the tights material, so there's no risk of it flaking off. an absolute fool of a took, I've already laddered them!! That is nothing to do with Romwe, it's to do with my stupid nails!!  Siggggggggggggggh.
I was setting up to take photos;
This is an actual documentation of the moment:

"Oh, the tights are uneven, let's start to adjust them,"



Or you can see a Vine if you wish (I'm KimonoTime on Vine):


Yeah...anyway, have some more 'flattering' images of the whole outfit:

Flower Crown: Made by me
Jumper and Tights: Romwe of course (just in case you're just looking at the pictures and not reading hur)
Wig: Lockshop Wigs
Shoes: Bodyline


Simple but packed securely and came within a reasonable time. You can also track where the product is through Romwe, which is really useful.

Communication: ☺☺☺☺
As soon as I ordered the product I got an email stating the order and that it would be shipped.

Products: ☺☺☺☺☺
Even though I laddered the tights straight away, I really cannot fault both the products. They are right up my street style wise and just what I expected. I really would recommend them to anyone and I especially can't wait to snuggle up in my LAME jumper on cold winter days.

Also, before I go, there a few things going off at Romwe that I thought you might want to know.

 I don't know if you have ever head of Talia. She was a young vlogger on youtube who posted beauty tutorials and also vlogs. She showed people through her journey suffering cancer. Earlier on this year, she earned her wings and left this world. However, I do believe Romwe had planned to collaborate with Talia to sell products, where the money would go to her favorite charity. Today, Romwe has launched the products and they are now for sale. Each pair of leggings sold $5 will go to the BASE camp children s cancer foundation.

They are also holding a flash sale that starts today, my personal favourite is the Bartman jumper~

Well, that's all for today, I'm off to have a cup of tea now.

Thanks for reading!



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