Sunday, 3 November 2013

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MCM October 2013!

Hello you, I hope you're good!

Okokokok, so my friends and people have started saying that back to me, and I didn't realise how much I say it, like I literally say it in every vlog and now I'm really conscious about it oh dear. 

I hope you had a good one. I did a halloween themed cover video if you're interested~

Anyway, it feels like forever since I blogged and I'm sorry. I've been busy again and one of the reasons is because I've been to MCM Comic Con London. Another reason is because I've been working a lot, one of my jobs is in a bar and last night I got tipped loads, wohooo! But my stupid brain at 4.30am in the morning thought yeah, let's make it rain because I'm happy. Woke up this morning with a sore head and a huge bruise on my knee because most of them are pound coins...ouchy.  

So, I thought I'd share with you some adventures from MCM. Usually when I've gone, I've done a performance, so I have to prepare for months and then plan the whole day around performing. This time, I didn't know if I could make it, so it was a different experience. 
Last minute, I cosplayed Jinx from League of Legends. This was the end result. Thank you Sachie for this picture!

Her character is pretty badass, if you haven't seen her promo video get jinxed, you are missing out! It was actually a really cheap cosplay to make because the only really materials I needed to buy was the belts and the wig, I had the rest in my box of random junk. I do play LoL but I am a pretty bad noob, and I'm only at level 5 at the minute. My summoner name is KimonoTime if you wanted to know. 

The wig I recieved was a nightmare though, it was nowhere near long enough and it was really thin at the top, so it looked like I was bold. It was quite challenging styling the fringe, and then the wind ruined it by the end of the day. It was a pretty stressful cosplay!

So here's my day on Saturday. Times are approximate~

6.00am: Woke up and didn't feel too good. I felt sick. Shouldn't have had accepted the offer of crumpets at 1am in the morning, I was hungry but I only wanted one because I had to show my stomach tomorrow. Was too polite to decline 2 because that would have made the package uneven, and that felt rude.

6.30am: Stared at my facepaint for my arm.

7:00am: Watched some of my friends leave because they had to set up their stall.

7:30am: Still stared at my facepaint. Seriously considered just throwing on my seifuku, but that took forever to make and I was proud of it.

8:00am: Starts doing facepaint.

8:30am: Realises how special I look trying to paint with my left hand.

10:00am: Facepaint finally done! Decides to travel in normal clothes and get changed there. Didn't fancy walking around London in a Bikini.

11:00am: Arrives at MCM. Joins a huge group of confused cosplayers outside the doors, I've never experienced this before, usually you just walk straight into the queuing hall. There were no signs, but eventually after following other confused faces and people with weekend tickets print outs in their hands I got into the queuing hall. .

12:00am: After standing in the weekend early entry area for an hour and watching the today only tickets go past us, we are finally given our wristbands. Stalks into the main hall with some angry adventure time cosplayers. I've never experienced that kind of chaos before for queuing! Runs into the toilets to get changed, feeling ill and stressed out. I meet some of my friends in the toilets there. I apologise if one of you is reading this, I was such a stress head!

Meets my friend Abi in the League of Legends area. Feels like one of those cliche chick flick movies where the new girl enters the classroom, except I'm in my Jinx Cosplay and there are loads of LoL fans judging/staring at me. Abi looked so adorable in her Kirino Cosplay! 
Compulsory Selfie time!

Her Youtubes~

I also met a Jinx cosplayer outside the area. It's like I'm the chibi jinx haha!

12:30-3.30pm: Got loads of pictures taken and realised that I was very conscious wearing a handmade bikini and that the crazy face I was pulling in every picture for Jinx's character was like my default I want some teeeeeeeeeeeeeA face. It was really nice to see people's face light up when they recognized my cosplay! Tried to go outside at one point but got stuck in a huge jam of cosplayers. It's a really horrible time to be small...ended up being dragged backwards towards the entrance by some Attack on Titan cosplayers. Also walked around the stalls, met some friends, bought some of those Danny Choo Kanji learning cards and kind of sneaked Jason and his friend (VeeOneEye check out his youtube I think you'll like it!) into the expo and he got a little mobbed by his fans >.<
Here's a couple of pictures!~

At the Sushi Noms stall!
Also, Dom (the duuude in the middle) has just started a youtube if you want to have a look~

Jessie and Walt! Like..the real ones obviously!

3.30pm: Bumped into my friends Cherry (from Oishii Ichigo!) and Sachie and Karen. Sachie and Karen I've known online for a while, but because they're from Canada and the U.S I have never seen them in real life. It was so great to finally meet them! We decided to brave the winds outside and I did a photoshoot with my friends. Sachie took the photos on her pro camera. She even looked so pro in the pro lying down pro photographer pro position.

Then the light shone on us and we knew that it was a good time to get decent selfies haha!

The highlight of the photoshoot had to be when me and Karen were trying to balance on those white things in the middle of the bridge and I fell into splits and Karen fell on her back and slid down them star fish style.

4.15pm: Went back inside and caught the last of a Jpop/Kpop dancing panel on the Japan Ex stage. Managed to get a selfie with some of the performers/audience there, it was really nice to meet them briefly, as we all watch each others videos online, but never really get to meet each other. This selfie took ages to take and I look really weird, but ah well, I think it's really cute I got to get one!

And the other dancers from the Panel: who are not in the picture

4:30pm: Watched Himezawa perform on stage. She was so adorable, and I didn't know it was her first time perfoming! She was such a professional, I really enjoyed her performance!

5.00pm: Said my goodbyes to everyone, got changed out of my cosplay and went back to my friends house. I realized I had hardly eaten or drunk anything all day, so I was a bit cheeky and got a pizza with my friend. He's like an expert at LoL so he taught me a load of things and we watched some funny game videos!


It was basically just a chill day. I decided not to do Jinx again because it just takes so long to do the tattoos, so I went in my galaxy sailor fuku. 

I've had my fringe trimmed differently, and I'm really digging it woo!
The queues on Sunday were non exsistent, there were still lots of people there, but it seemed much more calmer and organised. 
I got to hang around with Sachie, Karen and Cherry all day, it was so much fun! We found this really cool 3D animation screen, and it looked like we were chilling with aliens, animals, dinosaurs and fantasy creatures on the screen. It entertained us along with some young children for quite a while.

Photo Courtesy of Sachie again~
 That's Cherry sneaking behind me in her Teemo hat, Sachie cosplaying Emmy Altava from the Professor Layton games and Karen sporting her fab red skinnys!

Got some shots of some pretty awesome cosplays too!

My friends look incredible in their Skyrim cosplays!

I  got to hang around the Japan Ex area more, and I met some lovely people who watch my videos too! I never know how to react, so I'm sorry if I was a bit awkward, but thank you so much for saying hi and watching my videos and sofgiuyosdiugyoduiy. I also go to watch Scarlett (another Ichigo Member) perform her solo slot on the Japan Ex stage. She was so fabulous and talented and cute! Me and Cherry did lots of Wota-ing with a glowstick that Scarlett let us borrow that she got from Akiba Japan.

After that I watched MK Dance group perform too. They were so energetic and fun to watch!

That was also the time to catch up on all my street passes on my Nintendo 3DS. I got so many!
Also, I got this lovely picture, thank you Himezawa!

I have platforms on and I still look like a hobbit ;A;

Aaaaaand that was about it! MCM was stressful but fun and fab. Sounds like a typical comic con to me.
Thank you so much to everyone who made it an amazing weekend. I love going to to conventions because I get to meet people who love the same things as me. I'm kind of gutted I didn't get to perform this time, it felt so weird and I missed it so much. I really hope I can get to do it again, even if it is just for a couple more times, because that's where I started everything really! 
If you haven't been to one before and are interested in games, films, comics, anime and things like that, I really recommend it, it's such a fun day out! 

This took sooo long to write, so I'm sorry if I missed out anyone or anything >.<

Also, unrelated note, I've been looking at a load of blogs recently and so many people at the moment have the dark hair with the fringe, it's like were all clones ready to take on the world. I'm thinking of maybe for christmas having a little change to my hair and making it like a burgundy colour for christmas like this:

What do you think?

Kyary ma bb

I've never really had any other hair colour but black before (except a failed attempt a light brown where I got weird blonde highlights foisduyfois), and I'm still young, so why not! It will be easy to dye it back too if I don't like it I suppose.

Anywhoo, I think that's it!

Thank you so much for reading~

Kelsey <3 


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