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I have a new name | Romwe Review

Hello you I hope you're good!

So, you may have noticed this blog page has had a bit of a makeover, along with a new name!. I didn't really like the layout before and since I no longer have a real website, I thought I would merge it all into one! Also, some of you may know how much I hate the name KimonoTime T_____T

You might also have noticed that there are some new pictures on my banner and around my blog....which means review time!

Oooooooo I have red hair now too. I'm such a rebel, I feel like burning things now.


This time, I'm reviewing the websites Choies and Romwe.

As you may have seen I've reviewed these stores before, on my blog and on a video.

Previous Romwe blog review.

They're both really affordable stylish websites, and I always get excited to receive their items!
So let's start with Choies.
This is what the post man brought me.

It was delivered by those fancy UPS men and it was securely wrapped in a white bag.
I ordered it with free shipping and it arrived in around 3 weeks. (I live in the U.K).

Ahhhh! So much cool stuff! 
They all were packaged in a plastic bag with the logo Choies.
So, these are the actual store photo's of the products I ordered.

(click on the photos to go to the products)

So first off the Hogwarts Jumper!

I am a huuuuuuge Harry Potter fan, so I did a little fan girl squeal when I saw this on the website and I put it straight into my shopping bag!
The feel of the jumper is actually quite unexpected, it has an almost silky feel to the material, but it's really soft. It's also quite heavy and warm, but still feels light at the same time.
It's only available in a one size, but I like how it fits on me, it's quite baggy but still has a nice fit to it. I'm a U.K size 6/8.
The print is also really vibrant and it's actually in the cotton so there's no risk of it peeling off.

I'm really happy about this jumper and I'm excited to show my fangirl pride!

Next is this amazing pizza jacket!
Warning...I took lots of pictures, I love this jacket sooo much!!

Again it's a one size product, but I like how it fits on me. It finishes just above my hip bones, so I can fasten it without it looking silly, but it also has a cropped look to it.

It really matches my new hair I think!...and my obsession with pizza and ketchup. (although I don't like them together!)

Again, I was surprised with the feel of this product. It's feels almost...fury/fuzzy? I can't describe it very well I'm sorry! But it's extremely soft and comfortable to wear. It's lined with black silky material inside and is quite warm to wear. 

Again, the print is really vibrant and eye catching! I've gotten loads of nice comments when I've been wearing this.

The zip is stiff, but also feels really secure and doesn't feel like it's going to break easily with my clumsiness!! 

And finally the back print! I love the font and it pretty much describes my life to be honest.

I am over the moon with this jacket, I feel like it really brings fun to my style!

Next up the hat!

It fits my pea head perfectly and it's really soft to wear. I'm surprised by the quality even though it's quite cheap to buy! The eye pattern is embroidered on and I feel like I'm going to wear this a lot. I love hats!

And finally, the "Nobody Knows" Hoodie.

The colours are exactly the same as the product image. My lighting is a little weird, I'm sorry! 
Again, it's a one size product that fits me well. It's not as baggy as the jumpers, but I like how it fits me.

"I fell down the stairs and someone took a picture. I'm not a model..."
It's actually really soft and fluffy inside and is really warm to wear.
The print looks like it's been vinyl or screen printed on, but looks thick, so I'm not worried about it flaking off in the wash.
I feel so swanky and cool in this hoodie!

I am really really happy with my Choies package this time. It came securely, in a reasonable time and all the products are surprisingly of high quality even though the prices are high street level! They are all comfortable and stylish to wear too.
I really have no faults with anything, so I'm giving them 5 alpacas!

So, onto Romwe!
Here is what the postman brought:

It came in the usual green bag which was securely wrapped with lots of tape. It arrived 2-3 weeks after I ordered it with free shipping.

I really like the bags Romwe put their products in. It's like a little zipper bag.

Look^ zippity!

Here are the store images. 
(click on them to go to the products)

 So, first up is the Milk Bag:

So as you can see, it's actually pretty small. It was my fault for not reading the product description fully, but I thought looking at the store image it was a lot larger. However, it's still a really cute, quirky bag! It's straps are made of black silky rope, and the carton part is really stiff and secure. The print is also really bright! It fastens like a clasp and they are really strong, so there's no worrying that it's going to come undone and it has velvet quilting inside it.

(I'm sorry about the over editing...I was actually really ill when I took these pictures, so I'm trying to hide that haha!)

Next up is the "Beasty" Jacket!

Yes, it actually says "BEASTY" not "EAST".
The text is embroidered on really nicely!
This jacket is actually exactly what I wanted! A quirky, but warm jacket to wear in the winter.
It has thick red padding inside and is actually quite heavy.
It fastens with popper buttons, which are really secure, and don't come undone easily.

The stars are printed on like screen print, but they are really thick, so I'm not worried about them flaking!
It also has really deep pockets on the side, which is really useful.
I'm really happy with this jacket and I've actually worn it nearly every time I've gone out since!

And finally is the suspender skirt!

I've been after a suspender skirt for a really long time, and I'm so happy I have one now!
It's a one size product, so I was worried how it was going to fit. It fits on the waist perfectly, and it fits fine length ways too...maybe even a little short. But I do have a really short torso and quite long limbs, so I was expecting that.

It criss crosses at the back, which I though was really cute! And you can also remove the straps. There's two button hole options too to make the straps longer or shorter. The shortest is still a teeny bit long on me, but again that's because of my strange body shape!! ;A;
It's made out of really soft velvet and is elasticated at the waist, so it's really comfortable to wear!
It feels almost perfect for christmas ^^

Again, I'm really happy with what I received from Romwe and all the products are of high quality. I'm going to knock off half an alpaca because of the bag size and the strap size on the skirt, but only half because most of it is my fault!
So Romwe get's 4 1/2 Alpacas!


Also, thought I should let you know, Romwe are having a Christmas sale with up to 80% off!
Click here to go there

Before I go, I'd just like to say thank you Abi for taking some of the pictures for me!

Also, I would like to say thank you so soooo much to Romwe and Choies for allowing me to review their items. I am really grateful for these wonderful clothes!

Well, I'll probably not blog before Christmas now, so I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas (if you celebrate it) and the chocolate's on meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!


Kelsey <3


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