Sunday, 26 January 2014

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Dancer Of The Month Results!~ January 2014

Hello you, I hope you're good!
Well, today is the day I announce the Dancer Of the Month results!

If you don't know what I'm talking about, you can see the first post about it here .
All the winners of Dancer of The Week were put into a poll and the winner will win this Calender along with some other kawaii treats!

As you know, this has been the first time I have ever done Dancer As The Month/Week as a blog post and as a poll, so there are some things that may change over the few months. I had a problem with the poll I originally put on my website, so then I had to put one on my facebook page. The only problem with that was, only I could see the full results unless I paid a premium plan!So, I'll provide a screenshot when I announce the winner. And for next month I'm going to have to find another poll to use somewhere. If anyone knows any good poll sites, that would be useful! I was trying to find one that lets the voters vote once a day, so there was no cheating >.<

But anywhooo!

How about we announce the winner!

ARGH exciting!!

So, the Winner of January's Dancer Of The Month is...


Congratulations Friskie!! I'll be contacting you about the prizes!
Everyone go and give her a big congratulations, she really deserves it! Her dance really was amazing! In fact everyone's was this month, including the special mentions and everyone that nominated. The quality of dancers in this community now is amazing and I'm really excited to see what's in store for next month!

Thank you so much to everyone who voted, entered, and nominated! It's been so much fun to do!

So, all that's left is to start again for next month!
It's time to start nominating again~
Then, next week, I'll announce the winner's of Dancer Of The Week and the special mentions. Then the week before the end of the month, I will open up the poll again of all the winners of February for the Winner of The Month!

The Winner of next Month will win
$20 to spend at

It's a store I get a lot of my clothes from, and they have such a huge range of styles!
They also ship worldwide, so there is no worry about where you are from.
Check it out here

There may also be some little goodies added in too, depending on the month...haha!

Here's a run through again on how to enter, and the rules~

Ways to Enter
~You can either nominate yourself or a friend!
~Comment on the latest Dancer Of The Week blog post
~Write the nomination on my Facebook like page wall here:
(NOT as a personal message or a comment on one of my posts)
Or if you would like your nomination to not be as public you can
~Send an email to with the subject "Dancer Of The Week Nomination"
You also have the option of letting me know that if you nominated someone else, whether or not you would like the person you nominated to know that you nominated them if they end up on the blog post.

I won't accept entries through personal messages on my facebook like page, my personal facebook pages, twitter, youtube, tumblr, askfm, instagram or any other social media I've missed; simply because there is a high chance I will miss them.
~ It has to be a Kpop/Jpop dance
~You can only enter or nominate the same person once a week, so you can still nominate as many people as you like.
~You can enter again after the week is up if you're not a winner, that includes special mentions!

More rules will probably be added because people are cheeky monkeys haha.

The winners and special mentions will be announced every Sunday.

Again, thank you so much for reading, and I'm really excited for next week!

Kelsey <33


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