Sunday, 19 January 2014

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Dancer of the Week! ~Week 3 and Dancer Of The Month Poll!

Hello you, I hope you're good!

Well, here we are on the last Dancer Of The Week results!
If you don't know what this is, check out the first post here.

This also means that next week, I'll be announcing Dancer Of The Month! All the winners of the previous weeks and the winners from this week will be in a poll further into this blog post for one week, and the winner will win the Calendar! I've also got some cute little goodies and surprises to send too! Eeek exciting!

But for now, on to the amazing dancers of this week! I got some lovely nominations from dancers and their friends, and I had so much fun watching everyone dance! It's really encouraging and inspiring to watch you all >.< 

So, drumroll....

The KPOP winner is:

This was so much fun to watch! She really looked like she was really enjoying it and her moves were really strong and precise. I felt like I wanted to join in and dance haha! Such a funky cover!
Congratulations Chloe, and please go and congratulate her <3

The JPop Winner is:


Not only was this cover ridiculously adorable, it was also well danced with such precision too! I could not stop smiling the whole way through and was a really enjoyable video to watch! Props, to dancing in such a public place too!
Please go and congratulate her too, she really deserves it <3

And now, on to the fantabidosi ...

Special Mentions

Pipa Piparminttu



yukuppi channel

Hikari Dancer

Congratulations to all the special mentions! I was actually debating a lot for the JPop winner ehehhehe, so like I said last week, if you are ever a special mention in a blog post, there is a high chance you could win the week after!

Also, thank you so much for the entries and nominations for the past few weeks! I'm being truly honest when I say I'm so glad I set this back up again; I look forward to chilling on Sundays and watching all the dances!

So, now...on to the exciting part!

It's time to vote for

It's time for you to vote your favourite winner of the past few weeks! You can vote for multiple contestants and you can vote once a day. On Sunday, I will announce the winner of the Calender and the goodies! Then, we will start the nominations and entries for the next Dancer Of the Week contest.

So vote, vote voooooooote woop!
*NOTICE* Due to some errors on the poll on my website, I'm starting the Dancer Of The Week poll again here. Please vote here for your favourite! There are also link to their videos, so you can watch them. Results will be announced on Sunday on my website ^^

I hope you've enjoyed watching all the dancers as much as I have and I'm really excited to see the results!
Anywhoo, tonight I'm going to start a new BBC program since Sherlock has finished. It's about the looks really good!
Hope you all had a great weekend~
Kelsey <3


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