Tuesday, 11 February 2014

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Dancer Of The Week- February Week 2

Hello you I hope you're good!

Well look at that it's time for 

First off, I apologise that it's two days late. I was actually in London on Sunday, and then yesterday I had a really bad headache. But now I'm good to go! Whoop!~

Oh, if you don't know what D.O.T.W is, click here.

So there's been some fantabidosi entries this week, thank you for all your nominations and entries! And we finally had some Kpop, yey!

This week's Kpop winner is:

Wow! This is amazing! She dances with such precision, and style! This was really fun to watch. Please go and support her woop~

This week's Jpop winner is:

Telmiwai Indaplace

She dances with amazing technique and I love how fluid her dancing was. She has such great energy too! I can't believe her video hasn't been viewed more! Please go and congratulate her and support her~

This week's special mentions are


Ok, I'm going to be completely honest here, I was really struggling choosing the winner and Nickki was so close! I had outside help to help me decide, and every dance that has been entered that Nickki has been in has been perfect! So please please please keep entering! The same goes with a few other people too! ;A;

Krissie R


Amy L-K (Kniga004)

Mary SaMaDance

Thank you so much to everyone for entering, please go and support everyone because they truly deserve it! Every entry has inspired me in someway, so thank you! <3

Here's a reminder of the rules and how to enter:
Ways to Enter
~You can either nominate yourself or a friend!

~Comment on the latest Dancer Of The Week blog post
~Write the nomination on my Facebook like page wall here:
(NOT as a personal message or a comment on one of my posts)
Or if you would like your nomination to not be as public you can
~Send an email to kimonotime@googlemail.com with the subject "Dancer Of The Week Nomination"
You also have the option of letting me know that if you nominated someone else, whether or not you would like the person you nominated to know that you nominated them if they end up on the blog post.

I won't accept entries through personal messages on my facebook like page, my personal facebook pages, twitter, youtube, tumblr, askfm, instagram or any other social media I've missed; simply because there is a high chance I will miss them.
~ It has to be a Kpop/Jpop dance
~You can only enter or nominate the same person once a week, so you can still nominate as many people as you like.
~You can enter again after the week is up if you're not a winner, that includes special mentions!

More rules will probably be added because people are cheeky monkeys haha.

The winners and special mentions will be announced every Sunday.

Also, the prize for February's Dancer Of The Month is
$20 to spend at Romwe!

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a lovely jubely day!

Kelsey ~<3


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