Sunday, 16 February 2014

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Dancer Of The Week~ Week 3 February

Hello you, I hope you're good!

So woop woop it's time for the results for

And man, you guys have really upped the game this week! Have you all had super dancing juice or something?? I don't know! One of the reasons I'm writing this so late today was because it was such a hard decision.

Also, since it's week three (already?!?) this is the last announcement of the D.O.T.W winners this February. Everyone who has won this month are in the poll on the sidebar of my blog, so go and vote for your favourite winner there! The winner will win $20 to spend at Romwe! The poll will end next Sunday at 10am (British time). But...but, don't vote yet because now, I need to announce the much deserving winners of this week!

So, drumroll...

This week's Kpop winner is:

This was such a mature and beautiful dance cover! She really performed this and made it not just a nice dance to watch, but a truly artistic dance cover. This is the reason why she won, so please go an support her! <3

This week's Jpop winner is:


This is just on another level! They are so in sync with each other and the technique is amazing! Also. the joy and the personality they bring to their videos is truly enjoyable to watch. Again, this is not just a dance cover, it's a piece of entertainment! P.S, watch until the end!
Please go and congratulate them! <3

And the

Special Mentions who easily could have been winners you dang talented people UGH

Héloïse Zucchan

Botonet VEVO

ジョンキーユです ☀ ! J0nquille ☀ !



Pipa Piparminttu

Congratulations everyone! The standard was so high this week, it has been every week, but especially this time you guys gave me a tough decision argggh! But it's so much fun watching you all, so thank you so much for entering and nominating!
So, like I said, since it's week three, they'll be no nominations this week, instead there is a poll at the side of my blog, so vote for your favourite, so they can win some awesome goodies from Romwe! 
I'm so excited to see the results next week, I'm glad it's not me that has to personally choose!
Thanks for reading~
Kelsey <3


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