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★Sweet Spirits Review★

Hello you, I hope you're good!

So this time I have another review, and it's from this amazing, ultra cute independent accessory store called Sweet Spirits! 

(Click on the image to go to the store)

Pre warning, there is going to be lots of pink, pastels and sparkles!
*throws glitter at you*

ALSO very picture heavy!~

Ok, so first off the owner of the store is such a sweetheart, she's a really lovely and dedicated person, so it was a pleasure to work with her!

She sent me an amazing package, with soooo many things, and I'm so grateful for them!
I did take a picture of when everything arrived, but I had my phone stolen before I could transfer them to my computer ;A;
I have a vine to show you how it arrived.

(excuse my morning no makeup face ehem look at the alpacas!)
Everything came safely in a secure postage bag with bubble wrap and it didn't feel like it would be easy for anything to get damaged.
The thing I noticed first was how cute and sparkly the packaging for the items were!
Again, I took photos of everything but yeah....
Here's some empty ones, you can still see how cute it is!
(click on the images to enlarge)

She also sent me some sweets, (the alpacas ate them),
Some magnets, stickers and an adorable message.

So let's have a look at what I was sent...

Ta daaaa!
Look how colourful everything is! I am drowned in cuteness, I think I'm going to die from kawaii overdose!!

I have a huge variety of things here, so let's have a closer look at them.

First up is the bows!

I am in love with bows and I'm in love with purple, so this is the perfect thing! It's much more sparkly in real life and it has cute glitter stars and hearts on it. It had two alligator clips on the back, which are really really firmly on there! 

It's actually really useful having two because you can make the bow stand up more on your head. I love the S on it too, it looks really nice and fits really well when you put it on your head.  It's a pretty big bow too, which is perfect for me!

Then there is this gorgeous transparent bow!

Again, it's huge! And I love it! This is such a lovely design. There's an assortment of pastel beads inside and it's fastened securely with just one alligator clip.

It sits great on my head, and arghghgh I love it so much!

I've actually tested the endurance of both of these bows, because I had to wear them for a music video where I had to dance, grip them to wigs and let stylists have a rag at them. Nothing has fallen off and everything is still firmly in it's place. They are both really well made!

Look here I am in action woo

That's my friend Abi on the left and Roseanna on the right~

Ahahah Abi's face!!

Oooo and a polaroid.

Anyway, back on to the review!
 Here's some more hair accessories I got~

These are some super sparkly round clips! Ooo and they're in purple again!
The glitter inside is so pretty and they are beautifully made. They are secured again at the back with an Alligator clip.

I've never really tried anything like this before, but I love the way they look on my head. They remind me of android buttons or something!

Then there is this super adorable angel cat!

Again it has glitter inside! (assume everything has glitter) and it's secured at the back with an alligator clip.
The wings do feel a little fragile, and I feel like I have to be careful with it, but again the details and the way it's made is beautiful~

Up next are these super pretty angel wing clips!

These are perfect for fairy kei style outfits, and you could clip them on your head, your ponytails or even on to your clothes! These feel really strong, which is really good for such a versatile accessory.

Look how cute they look! Ahhhhhh~

Again, super glittery and super safe.

Now look at these amazing earrings!

Reminds me so much of my childhood haha!
Again these are really well made, and the hooks feel really secure. They didn't come with any backs though, but it's ok because I have some spare.

They look really nice when worn too~

Then I got another earring!

S for Sweet or Spirits or both!
I only got one though....
But that's cool haha, also I've found I can pin it to other things too, so it makes more than just an earring!

Ok so now onto the best thing ever!

A glittery, purple, darth vader pin!
Look, you can see the glitter!
It's so cute and quirky, I love it. And again the pin on the back is firmly on there~

It's a decent size! Small enough to pin, but large enough to see the awesomeness.
...I do have a small face though haha.

Bringing purple glittery doom to a town near you~

Then I also got some cute rings too!

So detailed! And they are attached with an adjustable ring on the back.

More Lego, wooop!~

I love the gradient patterns on them, it's so pretty!

They fit really nice on my hands! I am always worried about rings because I have quite lanky fingers, but they fit fine!

And last but not least is this necklace!

This so sooooo cute! I love this design and how pastel it is. The chain is really cool too...again purple!
It's really thick and feels secure. It fastens with an adjustable hook and I love the little heart detail on the chain and on the moon.

It's not a very long necklace though ( I like my necklaces to be long because I wear weird necklines) but that's not too much of a problem.

Ok, so I think that's all the items! Phew~

I also took a phew pictures with all of the items on at the same time...because in jfashion, why not?

...I left my room for one minute! 

These accessories are so perfect for pastel, fairy kei type styles! I feel like it's been ages since I've dressed like this but they are just so pretty I couldn't resist going all out!

I am seriously so happy with all the products. They are beautifully crafted, super cute, super glittery and really securely made too. I would highly recommend it as one of the top independent places to go for jfashion accessories!

So that's why Sweet Spirits is getting 5/5 Alpacas!


Thank you sooo sooo much sweet spirits for asking me to review your beautiful items!

Ooo, also I did a video kind of like a fake CM for the store! Including a crappy song by me! I'm not really happy how it turned out though, I had this cool idea in my head but it didn't really translate well into film, and I have a different camera and I still don't get why everything is coming out so grainy ...(I'm not really sure why I did this now, it kind of looks silly but I am a numpty anyway).
But it's here if you want to view it!

And thank you so much for reading and supporting me!

Kelsey <3


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