~Name: Kelsey Ellison
~Birthday: 26th April
~Country: United Kingdom
~Location: London/South Yorkshire
~Colour: Purple and Red
~Animal: Dogs and Alpacas
~Food: Chocolate
~Drink: Yorkshire Tea
~Word: Giggle
~Season: Spring

Kelsey Ellison is a professional performer from the U.K who also uploads videos to YouTube. Her videos include a variety of subjects such as Japanese and Korean pop covers, English covers, vlogs, reviews and tutorials. She has recently released her debut single titled "Pom Pom."

As of now she has 50,000 subscribers, over 6 million total views and has topped the weekly YouTube Japan music chart at #2 numerous times.

She grew interested in the culture of Japan and Anime at a young age when she watched Card Captor Sakura on CITV after school. Fascinated by the animation style and the story, she began to watch more Anime and later found out how it was from Japan. Alongside that, she was a fan of Gwen Stefani; attracted to the crazy and colourful Harajuku girls, she decided to research the word and became interested in the unique style from Japan. She also decided to learn Japanese and is currently self studying. She tweets in Japanese and broadcasts on the Japanese website Nico Nico Douga to help her progress.

Kelsey began an interest in performing at a very young age. After an operation to remove retinoblastoma from her eye (leaving her with a prosthetic eye), at the age of 3, she became withdrawn, so her mother decided to take her to dance classes. She began her training at the Lisa Thornley School of Theatre Dance, then went on to train at The Take 2 Academy Theatre and SLP College Leeds.

Kelsey began to upload Jpop dance covers to youtube in 2010 when she came across a cover video by Kozue Aikawa after searching for the song "Hare Hare Yukai" from the Anime "The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzamiya." Excited that people learnt dances from Anime's, she decided to join the thousands online in this unique hobby.
After uploading only her eighth video to youtube, Japanese TV show "Hanamaru Market" featured her dance video Luka Luka Night Fever on their show. Her videos have also been shown on ZIP TV. Her Kyary Pamyu Pamyu cover videos have also been featured on the Japanese TV show "Space Shower TV" where the videos have been shown to the artist personally. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and her staff also posted her videos on their official Facebook page.

In 2011 she began to perform her covers live at Comic Conventions around the UK. Her first performance was at the MCM Comic Convention London, the biggest Comic Con in the U.K which hosts over 60,000 attendees each year. She has been invited back to perform four more times since. Kelsey also did a live convention tour in 2012 and performed at events such as Hyper Japan, L.A.C, MCM, NemaCon, and Alcon.

In 2012 Kelsey became a member of an international online Idol group titled Oishii Ichigo! The group was formed by Camille Cora and Beckii Cruel, who is a foreign Jpop artist, who has gained much recognition around the world. Kelsey is featured on the debut album "Gametime", which included original songs in Japanese and English. She also performed in the music videos for the singles "Gametime" and "Ainano." Kelsey also performed with the U.K members at conventions around the country. However in 2013, she graduated from the project.

Kelsey also uploads a wide variety of other videos, including vlogs,sketches and tutorial videos. She also works as a professional performer. Some people she has worked with is Walls Ice Cream, Maya Von Doll, Ronan Parke (Britains Got Talent Finalist), Limahl and is on the AJK Dance Agency. She also attends Pineapple Dance Studios London.

She continues to upload videos to her youtube channel on a regular basis, so therefore, watch this space!

~October 2014: AnimangaPOP Bristol
~July 2014: Hyper Japan
~June 2014: Yorkshire Cosplay Con
~May 2014: MCM Comic Con London
~July 2013: London Anime Con
~May 2013: MCM London Comic Con
~May 2013: Japanorama, National Space Center, Leicester
~November 2012: Hyper Japan Earls Court London
~October 2012: MCM London Comic Con
~September 2012: Alcon, Leicester
~July 2012: Nemacon, Middlesborough
~June 2012: London Anime Con
~May 2012: MCM London Comic Con
~April 2012: Maya Von Doll, live in London
~February 2012: Maya Von Doll, live in Moscow
~October 2011: MCM London Comic Con

~2013: Space Shower TV Japan
~2013: Zip TV Japan
~2012: The Wright Stuff, Channel 5
~2012: KBS TV Korea
~2012: Kpop Star 2, Korea
~2012: CNN, U.S.A
~2012: ABC, U.S.A
~2012: Walls Ice Cream Advertisement, Europe
~2011: Hanamaru Market, TBS TV, Japan

~2014: Niche Magazine
~2013: Take a Break Magazine
~2013: Fudge Hair
~2012:Shut Your Pretty Mouth

~2013: The Metro
~2013: The Sun

Music Videos
~Ronan Parke "We Are Shooting Stars"
~Maya Von Doll "Open Chequebook"
~Limahl "London For Christmas"
~Oishii Ichigo! "Gametime"
~Oishii Ichigo! "Ainano"



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